Saturday, 6 February 2016

the health benefits of Statins Coq10 (CoQ10)

coenzyme Q10 is similar to a vitamin and is to be found in every cell in your body, your body produces  coQ10 and your cells need it for energy and cell repair and its also an antioxidant to flush out poisons in your body. problems arise when you arent producing enough coQ10 naturaly.its also good for your heart,headaches,age related macular degeneration and your immune system and for fighting here for more info


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Serrapeptase reduces inflammation and mucus in the body

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i have been taking this for about a year now and its great for back pain and cleaning your arteries.this is the one i use

the amazing health benifits of serrapeptase

serrapeptase is a chemical taken from the silk is a commonly used medicine in europe and the usa serrapeptase is classed as a dietary product.serrapeptase is used for back pain,osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritus,osteoporosis,fibromyalgia,ear infections and bowel disorders.some people,myself included use serrapeptase for hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).some women use it for treatment of lumpy breasts.
i started taking serrapeptase because im a smoker and i dont want my arteries hardening,this supplement acts as a cleaner and keeps your arteries clean.i found this is the best one